Electric screw press is a kind of forging and pressing equipment used for hot forging, precision forging and finishing. Electric screw press is often used in pressure welding process of stainless steel double bottom pot, and precision forging of titanium alloy blade and other blades.

The function and characteristic of electric screw press

Features of electric screw press:

1. The power control of the press is accurate and the stroke times are high.

2. Easy operation and maintenance, maintenance workload is small, save labor and maintenance costs.

3. Advanced electrical control technology and motor drive will not impact the power grid and affect the normal operation of other equipment.

4. According to the forging forming process, adjust the strike force and strike energy, forging forming precision is high, mold stress is small, mold service life is long.

5. No fixed lower dead point, no need to adjust the height of the mold, will not produce the phenomenon of stuffy car.

6. Compared with the hydraulic screw press, there is no need for complex hydraulic drive equipment, and there is no hydraulic oil leakage and pollution of the environment and hydraulic failure.

7. Compared with the friction screw press, frictionless disc, horizontal shaft and other intermediate transmission device and friction belt wearing parts, less parts, high reliability, good accuracy.

8. Simple structure, compact, short transmission chain, safe operation.

Then, what is the working cycle of the electric screw press?

Electric screw press can not only punch the workpiece, but also can be stamped. The different processing methods of the press have different requirements on the pressure of the system and the speed of the punch. The working process is also more complicated.  Recommended reading: solution to the use problems of electric screw presses

During the punching process, the punch falls and punches the workpiece at a relatively high speed, and rises and returns quickly. The stamping process requires the slider to fall at a faster speed. When the workpiece is encountered, the punch speed decreases and the system pressure increases to ensure the stamping of the steel plate is done. After the stamping is completed, the punch rises back to the initial position at a faster speed, and then completes the work cycle process.

Under different processing techniques and procedures, the pressure of the hydraulic system needs to be changed and adjusted frequently. In order to produce a larger punching pressure to meet the work requirements, the pressure requirements of the system are relatively high. The electric screw presses have a large difference in the running speed of the hydraulic punch during the empty stroke and the pressurization stroke, the oil flow in the hydraulic system is large, and the system power requirements are high. Therefore, the entire system is a high-pressure large-flow system, which is the stability and safety requirements are high.