Applicable Industries:Railways, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, standard parts, hardware, textile machinery production
Automatic Grade:Automatic
Advantage:Simple Operation, Safe
Noise:Low or no noise
Size:As customer requirements

Advantages of heat press machine:

1. Using switched reluctance driver, it has low starting current, high starting torque and good speed performance.

2. Form a forming process on the basis of forging and adjust the strike force and combat effectiveness.

3. Safe design, comfortable operation, humanized consideration, suitable for long-term operation.

4. The electronic control system uses a programmable logic controller (PLC) as the main device to realize real-time control of the machine, and the human-machine interface (HMI) realizes the information exchange between the speed controller and the machine.

5. Save about 50% of electricity.

6. Multi purpose heat press machine: multi-functional use is suitable for pressing, punching, riveting, assembling, cutting, etc.

It is worth reminding the user that the main reason for the damage and shutdown of the press due to improper electric press machine operation or stamping die setting. Proper training of press operators and stamping die setters can ensure that they operate according to the correct process. This will quickly reduce downtime.

Heat press molding products case:

Train wheels    Stainless steel valve fittings