Friction press is a kind of omnipotent pressure processing machine, which is widely used in various industries of pressure processing.In the mechanical manufacturing industry, the friction press is more widely used, can be used to complete die forging, upsetting, bending, correction, precision pressing and other work, some non-flash forging is also used to complete this press.
Friction press is a kind of screw press with friction drive, also known as double disk friction press, metal forging workshop press production group it USES the flywheel and friction disk contact transmission, and with the relative movement of screw and nut principle and work.Because it is in the use of more than ten thousand energy, and has the advantages of simple structure, installation, control and auxiliary equipment and low price, so in the machinery manufacturing, automobile, tractor and aviation industry stamping workshop, forging workshop and die forging workshop are widely used, can also be blanking.Friction press is a building materials machinery, widely used in ceramic tile, ceramic tile, refractory products dry press molding production.