Electric screw press is a kind of forging equipment, which has the characteristics of strong applicability, simple structure, easy adjustment and maintenance, convenient mold design, high precision forgings, etc. It is suitable for all kinds of precision forging, finishing, precision pressing, embossing, rectification, and equality. The electric screw press can be used for both hot forging and precision forging and finishing. The large and small screw press for sale can be used for pressure welding of stainless steel double bottom pot and precision forging of titanium alloy blades and other blades.

Working principle of electric screw press:

The flywheel, sleeve shaft and nut of the electric screw press frequently move forward and backward together with the nut, the nut and the screw form a motion pair, and the nut drives the screw and the slider to move up and down to generate a striking force. The control system with PLC as the core is designed with several working program segments, and the striking speed of each program segment can be adjusted by the corresponding electrical; the striking number of each program segment can be set by the corresponding counter.

It can collect the instantaneous working status of the press for logical determination, and complete the control of the motor, the brake, the feeding and discharging device, and the pneumatic die ejection control. Equipped with input and output devices corresponding to various types of workpieces, the press can achieve fully automatic work.