Functions and features of electric screw press

Electric screw press is a forging equipment for hot forging, precision forging and finishing. Electric screw presses are commonly used in stainless steel double-bottomed pot pressure welding processes, and precision forging of titanium alloy blades and other blades.

Characteristics of electric screw press:

1. The energy control of the press is accurate and the number of strokes is high.

2. Convenient operation and maintenance, small maintenance workload, saving labor and maintenance costs.

3. It adopts advanced electrical control technology and motor drive, which will not impact the power grid and affect the normal operation of other equipment.

4. Adjust the striking force and energy according to the forging forming process, the forging forming precision is high, the die stress is small, and the die life is long.

5. There is no fixed bottom dead point, so it is not necessary to adjust the mold height, and it will not cause stuffiness.

6. Compared with the hydraulic screw press, there is no need for complicated hydraulic driving equipment, and there is no problem of hydraulic oil leakage polluting the environment and hydraulic failure.

7. Compared with friction screw presses, there are no frictional discs, horizontal shafts and other intermediate transmission devices and friction belt wearing parts, fewer parts, high reliability and good accuracy.

8.Simple and compact structure, short transmission chain and safe operation.